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Excellent Mortgage Loan Experience

"As a two-time Stanley Cup champion, I understand excellence. What Nan Bierman provided exceeded my expectations. A fantastic experience from start to finish. I really felt she was working for me and my family and not for what she stood to gain. She is relentless in pursuit of the absolute best mortgage product for her clients."-Bill Clement

Bill Clement - Philadelphia Flyers

5 star ***** rates and service. We were so glad that we didn't go with one of those big-box mortgage companies. Nan Bierman and her team processed our loan with a personal touch. The process was smooth and we obtained a great rate. They give honest and transparent explanations about the closing costs, etc. Highly recommend going here for your mortgage or re-fi.

Mark I - Fallsington Township, PA

Id like to start by saying thank you! Nan, you both have made it possible for Isabel and I to lay our heads down at night knowing that we are able to keep our home. When our paths initially crossed, we were in severe debt. However, after Sharon got involved, she reviewed our case and solely based on compassion and honesty, she said with a little work and time, she could get us out of the horrible program we were in and into a more reasonable program. At first I was skeptical that anyone could help us with our current credit situation and accumulated debt. However, Sharon assured us that this is what she does and dont worry! Well, needless to say, we were able to make settlement! Again, I want to thank you both for making what seemed like a dire situation, through your honesty, dedication and caring actions, into a pleasant and positive experience! I will be referring Specialty Financial Services, Inc. to everyone we know! Aaron & Isabel

Aaron & Isabel - Warrington Pennsylvania

Michael made promises beyond what other companies we solicited for quotes were willing to offer and we were stunned to see those promises kept. He was amazing at me cool during what can't be helped but be a stressful time as a first time home buyer. He made things happen for us in tight deadlines with results that impressed the other real estate professionals that worked on our transaction. I absolute recommend going to Michael for refinancing or new loans."

Kelly and Keith - Bucks County

"Thank you Specialty Financial for such wonderful financial services while navigating the refinancing process of our home. Nan stuck by my husband and I for approximately 6 months trying to get our loan approved. My husband faced a layoff right in the middle of our first attempt at refinancing...we had to put the process on hold. When my husband became employed full time again, all I had to do was send an e-mail and the refinancing process began once again. We are now locked into a low mortgage rate that is saving us over $400 per month...what a huge relief! I would highly recommend the services of Specialty Financial to any person in the market for a home loan or a refinance." -Renee & Dan Quinn, Perkasie PA

Renee & Dan Quinn - Perkasie,PA

Sharon, With you in the front, mortgage was a piece of cake. Thank you for that! Shebeer S A

Shebeer S A - Plainfield New Jersey

Nan, Buying a home is one of the most stressful events in a persons life. There are many people involved in the process, and its important to have a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy person who can help navigate through the process. For all three of our purchases, you have been the person we could count on and trust. You provided valuable advice beyond that of our real-estate agent could on both sides of our home transactions. Most of all, you were available to us whenever we needed information to help us in our decision making, including Sunday night while away with your family! T You were there for us when we needed you and that is what sets you apart from any other mortgage broker or banking institution. We want to thank you for being a supportive friend during our stressful times. You always made us feel protected and cared for during the home buying process from beginning to end. For that, we are forever indebted to you.

Tom & Stephanie Marrone - Pennsylvania

"I was referred by my divorce mediator to use Specialty Financial in wrapping up the financial settlement during my divorce. Nan Bierman provided an excellent service during both processes, the original buy-out of the property and later refinancing the home. The whole process became more manageable; Nan helped to take the edge off throughout this overwhelming approach, helping me tremendously despite a crazy travel schedule on my end. I highly recommend Specialty Financial to anyone in need of a new mortgage or refinancing property, as she provides great support and works for and with the client giving it a true human touch. Thank you!"-Anita Parry

Anita Parry - Bucks County, PA

THANK YOU so much! I have been so impressed with the level of service you and Nan have provided me but doing this is truly above & beyond!! Thanks, Kevin

Kevin G - North Wales PA

I worked with Sharon Cantwell. She handled our mortgage application from the March to June period of 2012. The process was quiet difficult as we have multiple changes to the closing date with the sale almost falling through several times. With Sharon's help we were able to overcome a very difficult process and get the sellers to close eventually. Sharon would spend many hours of her personal time addressing my questions, concerns, and often coming up with whatever was necessary the very next morning. We would definitely recommend Specialty Financial and Sharon specifically for your mortgage needs. Amid Edison NJ

Amid - Edison New Jersey

I never write reviews but I have to say that we had a great experience with using Sharon Cantwell. She ALWAYS responded to my e-mails (my preferred mode of communication); even after the re-fi was closed. I have recommended her to my friends & family with great results. One of my friends even called afterward to thank me for sending Sharon their way. We had tried 3 other lenders, all whom dragged their feet as the interest rate started inching up. We switched to Sharon and our loan went thru in about two & a half weeks despite a brief glitch with underwriting's many, many, many questions despite our 57% loan to value ratio, excellent credit scores and savings accounts. Use Sharon Cantwell. I just e-mailed Sharon, & she responded to my 3:45 pm inquiry within THREE minutes.

Gabbie - New Jersey

What a pleasure to deal with Sharon Cantwell--especially after my last refinance with a major bank. All was settled as promised--with no changes or delays. Sharon is bright, knowledgeable and efficient, as are her colleagues. My refinance closed within the time promised, at the rate promised. It was a pleasure dealing with Sharon and Specialty Financial. Five stars all around!

Margie S - Pennsylvania

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